Smartphones and tablets under Nexus series are fully manufactured under the Google supervision. In fact, Google just order the hardware to the manufactures and the software is totally run and controlled by itself. In the Nexus series we are observing the stock Android. Stock Android is a kind which no additional software or any particular interface is installed on it. Naturally, the stock Android is faster, however, some user don’t like its user interface. On the other hand, we should admit that the default Android user interface from the version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and later had an enormous development, and this advancement in the Jelly bean Android came to a full maturity. During the Google Developers conference 2013, some rumors regarding a Galaxy S4 Google Edition (GS4 GE) was heard, which actually was true. In the continuous, we are going to review the features of the Galaxy S4 GE and discuss who’s going to benefit from this handheld, Samsung, Google or the users.

What are GS4 GE Main Features?
The hardware equipped in the Galaxy S4 GE, is precisely same as what we saw on the American version of this handset, which is a Snapdragon 600 processor with 1.9 GHz frequency, 16 GB of memory and supports of the 4th generation networks. As the hardware is same, the software is not. We are observing the stock Android, the one which we saw on Nexus series, on this smartphone. Android version 4.2.2 is installed on it and there is no track of TouchWiz user interface. Thus, we should not expect the special software features such as, Smart Stay, Smart pause, Smart scroll, Air view, Air Gesture, S-voice, Adapt display and many more from it. Some people consider the shortcoming of these features as a disadvantage, however many users, specially the developers, have a passion for the stock Android, specifically in a handset with more powerful hardware such as Galaxy S4.

Who is the Winner, Google or Samsung?
Offering Galaxy S4 with the stock Android, arise some serious questions on IT expert’s mind, that what is the main purpose of producing such a product and who is going to benefit more from this device, Samsung or Google?
In the first look to this topic, you should know that, the more Google has users, the more revenue will it m ake, because the most profit of this giant company comes from the online advertising. We know that Internet is captured in Google’s hands. Hence, Google will do anything to increase the number of users. Providing attractive online services is one of these ways. These services right now include Google+ social network, Google Drive, Google Translate, Google Maps, Google Calendar, Google Wallet and dozens more. Then again, besides attracting more users, Google’s policy is to monitor users on the Internet. Monitoring the users’ tracks on the Internet will help the Google to learn more about what their users are focusing right now, and what they like or need. Therefore, by providing a variety of products and online services, Google tries to achieve the goal of attracting more users. Some tangible examples here are producing the Google Chrome browser, Chrome and Android operating systems.
So far we get the idea that how Android can be profitable for Google. After offering Android by the Google, many companies and producers were eager to employ this operating system on their devices, specially phones and tablets. Over the years by the development of the Android and the tight competition in the market, many key companies in industry such as, HTC, Samsung, LG and Sony, started to customize the Android a little bit. A distinguished and highly customized version can be seen in the Amazon Kindle tablets. In these tablets there is no trace of Google services such as, Google Maps, YouTube or others. We believe that this is a serious warning to Google, because this will reroute the Android main aim and stops Google achieving its goal.
To sum up the facts which mentioned, it can be derived that presenting the Galaxy S4 with the stock Android has the most profit for the Google, as the stock Android has the minor changes and will not destroy the Google’s desire for this lovely green robot. Up to this date, Galaxy S4 integrates the most powerful hardware in the market, so it can be more attractive to the many Android developers and users.

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