You might think that after Samsung’s announcement of Galaxy S5, the news about it will decrease, but this is not exactly how it is. The software and hardware characteristics of this widget are getting more surprising day by day, and not even the little chatters and rumors about this smartphone seem to have an end.

It is possible that you are one of the people who have been disappointed by the not-so-attractive look of the new Galaxy family member. Though, this can’t rationally make us undervalue the hardware and even software features of this phone.


One of the most outstanding features of the latest Samsung gadget is the finger print scanner. In the first glance, it seems like it is just another copy from the Apple finger print scanning feature, but it is just a wrong prejudgment.

 The Galaxy S5 is able to record 3 different finger prints, and will save them after swiping a finger over the Home button 8 times. This is the main difference between the Samsung and Apple finger scanner, because the iPhone f inger print scanner can only detect by holding your finger still on the button.

Another difference becomes bold when we find out that the finger print scanner can be used as an approval for PayPal transactions that can be made for online shopping. This makes a whole lot of other choices and services available to the users for shopping, whereas on the iPhone 5s, we were only able to shop from iTunes, using an Apple ID. The PayPal system makes it possible to shop real objects using your smartphone.


This option potentially makes other paying services available to Samsung users, of course, on the conditions that there will be no dysfunctions or security problems with the new system.

The only difficulty with this finger print scanner is that having to repeat the 8 times swiping if any of them go wrong, can be pretty frustrating.

We should still be patient, and analyze Samsung Galaxy S5’s new features with care, away from the rumors and early judgements.