S Pen – A new generation of Stylus

S Pen is the name chosen by Samsung for a new generation of stylus, designed specifically for Samsung Galaxy Note Series.  It was firstly introduced with the coming of Galaxy Note 1 and continued developing in the new Galaxy Note 2 and Note 10, as well as the new upcoming Samsung tablet: Galaxy Note 8.0

S Pen is more accurate and faster than a normal stylus. It gives the same filling of a real pen when you take it in hand and it does not just stop here, it will give the same filling of writing with a pen by detecting the pressure it applies on the screen (for example to make the text bolder or ticker based on the pressure). There exists a handy button on the body of the pen to extend its functionality. This button works almost like the Shift button in any keyboard. There are so much that you can do with S Pen, but what we are to describe here is a quick review of what you can do with this tool on Note 2 specifically.

Air view: The most famous new feature of Galaxy Note 2 is Airview. It enables users to do some pre-defined actions such as previewing photos and videos, by hoverin g the pen on them without touching the screen.

Quick note: Imagine you are on a call and you want to make a quick note, all you have to do is remove the pen from its slot. A notepad will pops up on the screen and you can start writing instantly.

Annotating anywhere: In Note II, it is possible to annotate almost anywhere. You could have personalized email signature, write notes on powerpoint presentations, pictures, documents, etc. To sign your emails or to add drawings, symbols or doodles, all you have to do is to press the shift button on it and start writing instantly!

S Pen Keeper: This feature notifies you if you are trying to walk away without your S Pen by sounding an alarm.

Easy Clip: It is easy to take screenshots now using S Pen. By pressing the shift button and holding the pen to the screen until the edge of the screen flashes white, you can quickly take full screenshots. Note 2 has a new feature called Easy Clip enabling you to take a screenshot from a specific area of the screen. By pressing the side button in and drawing an outline around the selection of screen, a screenshot would be taken from your selection.