Samsung is known for producing smartphones with different names but the same design language and sometimes even the same specifications. But this time is different, as the Korean giant OEM is planning to continue the A-series line-up which was debuted by Galaxy Alpha earlier this year. The first Samsung’s smartphone to feature a metal body, Galaxy Alpha, has another unique feature too: It doesn’t come with a microSD card slot.


Well, according to SamMobile, Samsung is preparing 3 new devices under the A-series category set to be released sometime in September (Q3 to be precise) and other than focusing on the metal body, Samsung is also trying to bring a better experience of taking selfish by improving the quality of the front camera.
The source believes, SM-A300, SM-A500, and SM-A700 will be the new 3 A-series devices, and each to follow a different pricing policy. Regarding the specifications, the A300 is expected to feature a qHD display (960×540 p ixels), while and the other 2 devices are equipped with an HD and a Full HD display panel respectively.  

If we trust the report about the release date, Samsung only has September ahead and since IFA will be where the Galaxy Note 4 gets unveiled, we are not yet sure whether there will be another separate event for the A-series launch event or Samsung will take advantage of the IFA and introduce both Galaxy Note 4 and the new A-series phones there.
Do you think a premium design thanks to a metal body and a neater design language will remain exclusive to the A-series? Or Samsung is planning to bring the same design language to its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series? Well, we’d like to see the next Galaxy Note, rumored to be Galaxy Note 4, to feature a metal body, rather than seeing a new line-up for that matter.