The mobile educational app “Shape it – Clay Modeling”, serviced by start-up CLAY FINGERS (CEO Seok Hee-young), is growing in popularity for its content. It adds life to the creative activities of children through “Connected Play” that integrates various technologies with clay.



“Shape it” focuses less on clay building and more on storytelling. The app’s content concentrates on the characteristics of children who come up with many stories to add life to the clay sculptures that they make.


CEO Seok Hee-young was disappointed to see that clay content was still stuck in one-dimensional courses that used paperback manuals: after all, the world has entered a digital age, and the educational environment of children is changing. She came up with “Shape it” so that children could have more fun with clay while developing their learning capabilities.

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In the “Shape it” beta version launched in the Google Play Store, users can make clay artwork by following the video. In December, the app will add a function so that users can experience augmented reality (AR) with the clay sculptures they’ve made. In January of next year, it will offer a tool to make Claymation (clay + animation) videos so that users can share them with their friends.



Seok Hee-young developed the app to help children develop their creativity, saying that “’Shape It’ will help children express their imagination like Steven Spielberg and Tim Burton.” She added, “CLAY FINGERS places value on the importance of storytelling created by children, and we will be a company that strives to help children imagine as much as they want, while becoming the Lego of the clay market.”


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