If you are looking for a decent idea to pull a fun yet scary prank on your friends, then Shock is just the perfect app for you. In this free prank app for Android, when no one expects a funny or scary image along with an audio clip suddenly appears on your screen. This is going to scare your friends or make them laugh. You are at a wheel and you decide what to do.


How does Shock work?

Well, first of all, I found the setup process really easy to follow and all the time I was just thinking of how to make my prank funnier or scarier. You just need to choose an image as well as an audio clip, follow a few simple steps and let the fun begins. Other than the option to choose media from the available library, you can upload your photos and audios and there is no limit when it comes to designing a perfect prank.

The shock comes with a watch companion app which delivers a better experience and more control for you.


Is it worth downloading? I guess so! It’s a fun prank app and you shouldn’t take it seriously. And I assume the jokes and pranks may become less interesting for the people you have already tried the pranks on. But, on the other side, since you have the option to upload your own set of photo and audio, maybe you can come up with some cool ideas to make your pranks as fresh as the first days.

But, for the first days, you are definitely going to have fun and exciting moments with family and friends.

Overall, Shock is a free prank app for Android that focuses on one thing: Make your friends laugh or scare by offering cool prank ideas. Give it a try and let us know about your funny or scary experiences.