What is Sky Diving Squirrel about? This arcade game is a brand new endless runner game in which you get to control a cute squirrel and your mission is to move through different objects while falling from the sky. Like any other Jump and Run game, you need to collect certain items, acorns, and you have to start over as soon as you hit an object or obstacle.


Does Sky Diving Squirrel offer anything new? Well, the short answer is Yes. While the gameplay and concept are the same as almost any other runner game, I really enjoyed the smooth gameplay and animations, the idea of controlling a falling squirrel from the sky instead of jumping and running, and how the objects appear on the screen.

There are ads, but not annoying at all. Can you think of the last free game you played that didn’t have any ads? Well, nothing? Although Sky Diving Squirrel comes with ads, it is not annoying at all and unlike so ma ny other apps, the ads don’t appear in full screen before playing the game, in the middle of the game and at the end of the game.


Give it a try. It is worth it.

Sky Diving Squirrel is really worth downloading and can entertain you in your spare times. The gameplay is so simple that doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to get used to it and the high-quality graphics, sound effects, smooth animations and of course endless challenges make the game even more addictive.

Don’t forget to keep collecting acorns to be able to unlock new fun characters and use different power-ups and boosters while falling the sky.

Sky Diving Squirrel is available to download from Play Store for free.