Well, if you cannot acquire a successful startup, you should create the same service with more features and hope to absorb the rival’s customers as well as new ones. This is the story of Facebook’s new application, Slingshot, which its main functionality is the same as the successful Snapchat service and it lets you share photos and videos to selected few or bunch of people.

Slingshot can be considered as the combination of Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat, and in the following we review the main features of this new Facebook’s application which is limited to U.S. customers at the moment.


So, to get started you just need to capture the moment you’d like to share and send the picture or the video to your selected friends. But the recipients cannot view the sent image/video right away unless they send back an image/video to you. In other words you both have to have a moment to share at the same time in order to enjoy the Slingshot which is kind of weird but ne w.

One you unlocked the shared shot, you can either swipe to complete delete the shot, or show some reaction by sending a quick reply. You can also use captions and drawings to make your shot easier to understand and more enjoyable.


Since Slingshot has just come out today and the availability is just limited to the United States, it takes some more time to find out if Snapchat users willing to move to Slingshot or not. For now, we are wondering how this Sling back to view the received shot” is going to work, as you have no idea what the sent shot is about but you have to send back a shot of yours in return.

Give the Slingshot a try by hitting the download link below

 Download Slingshot from Google Play