Do whatever it takes and make as many zigzags as you can to stay on the wall and avoid falling down. This is what Smart Ball is all about. So, if you like the concept of such endless zigzag running games, continue reading the review to see if this fresh title is worth a try or not!

Smart Ball, as the name implies, is a free ball game for Android that gets the most out of the concept of a generic zigzag run game and delivers decent gameplay and amazing graphics to make its mark among other competitors.

When it comes to the gameplay, tapping on the screen changes the direction of the rolling ball, and you need to be fully focused on the gameplay if you want to improve your high score and stand as the top of the leaderboard. And when it comes to the design and graphics, you will definitely get entertained by looking at the cool landscapes with changing background colors as you progress.


It’s an endless zigza g game with leaderboard feature: The combination of “endless” and “leaderboard” means we are going to face an addictive game. And since Smart Ball comes with smooth animations and easy to learn gameplay, it really is addictive. When trying the game, I didn’t notice any issue and everything was running smoothly.

During your zigzag run, you also get to collect some gems which I think increases your score. However, I’m hoping that in the next update, the developers add the option to change the ball and use the collected gems to unlock new balls.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing Smart Ball and I really liked the graphics and always changing background colors. It feels like you are playing in a dynamic environment and it helps you concentrate better and never get bored.

Download Smart Ball from Google Play Store free of charge.