Smart Tools provides a set of measurement tools on Android devices. These types of apps may not be for an everyday use or at each occasion, but they are categorized as apps which comes very handy when needed. Swiss Army Knife for Android was the first application we reviewed as an all-in-one tool box, and Smart Tools is another app in this category with a very user friendly interface and 15 great tools.

These types of apps usually use the camera and the sensors on your device to measure the height of an object or the distance to it. Smart Tools other than these 2 mentioned functions can be used at 13 other occasions under 5 main categories: Length and Angle, Distance, Sound, Compass, and Light


Length and Angle

This tool box is for measuring the length and angels as well as the diversion from the surface level. Available tools are: Ruler, Protractor torch mode, Protractor plumb mode, Protractor camera, Surface level, and Thread Pitch gauge. The ruler feature lets you measure the area of objects which are smaller than the screen of your device. But what if the object is larger? You can easily enable the “Ruler Extension” mode to use the scrolling feature. There are 3 ways to find the angles by applying one of the available Protractors.


This smart measure Pro tool uses the device's camera to measure the distance between two objects, height of an object, Height of a place you are standing on, The length of an object, and the area of an object. It is recommended to read the tutorial for a better use. Th e Manual Calibration feature is used when the distance is shorter or longer than the real distance.


This tool provides a Vibrometer and a Sound Meter. It analysis the sound pressure around the phone in decibels and compares it with some references.  For example if the sound pressures reaches to 100dB it suggests you are in a subway train. There are some statistic charts to show the sound pressure or vibration over the time.



A digital compass and a metal detector are available in this tool box. Other than showing your current direction with the aid of the compass, Magnetic field values are measured as well.


There 3 expected tools here: Flashlight, Magnifier, and Mirror. What we really liked about these tools is the possibility to use the Magnifier while flashlight is on and the feature to freeze the screen. There is also a 1x1 home screen widget for a quick access to the flashlight.

Smart Tools is one of the best All-in-One tool boxes for Android with a perfect design with no lags when using the tools. All the available tools are really useful and we cannot think of any missing tools except a Speedometer and a Barometer, which the second one seems to be available on the next update. Some tools need more practice for a more accurate result and we have also some doubts about the accuracy of sound meter and vibrometer.  We are also looking forward to seeing a manual on the application for each tool.

Download Smart Tools from Google Play