For so many years, Snake was our only choice when it came to playing a game on a mobile device, read it on a Nokia device. In the past years, so many developers have tried to bring back this retro game to life, but few of them managed to produce the same experience. SnakeRush is a fresh casual game for Android that is completely loyal to the classic snake game and comes with modern graphics and engaging challenges. Speaking of challenges, you can choose to play retro snake, snake rush, super snake, or start a mission and go through different snake levels with different goals in each level. There are also multiple maps that get you entertained for hours without getting bored or tired. 

What do I like the most about SnakeRush?

Well, first of all, it delivers the same great experience of playing the retro snake game but with modern styling and amazing gameplay. I also liked the variety of available challenges and game modes that bring more fun and excitement. While playing and collecting coins, there are also some mushrooms to collect that have random effects on your experience. 

Download SnakeRush Free

Let’s review the main features of SnakeRush:

  • Loyal to the classic snake game with modern graphics
  • Variety of different missions and challenges
  • Different power-ups and boosters to collect
  • Available for Android and iOS devices (Get SnakeRush Now!)
  • Perfect time-killer game

Is SnakeRush worth a try?

If you miss playing snake on your Nokia device and looking for the same experience on your smart device, SnakeRush won’t disappoint you at all. It can also be a good choice for those who are looking for an addictive arcade game to kill some time in their spare time. 

Download SnakeRush from Play Store free of charge and see how long you can survive in the retro mode.