Addictive and endless games with smooth gameplay and clean graphics have always been our favorite games here in AW Center. While there are millions of different games for Android devices, just a small portion of them get the chance to be featured and noticed. Snakitch is one of the newest Arcade games for Android platform, that we believe has every potential to stand out from the crowd and entertain millions of people worldwide.

Smooth and easy to learn gameplay
The gameplay is as simple as moving through the blocks and collecting power-ups, rewards and hidden objects, while avoid hitting the obstacles. The blocks move in different directions and the obstacles appear randomly on the road. So, you need to be fast and precise when it comes to tapping and crossing the road.

It's addictive but not boring
Snakitch comes with a clean and design and the gameplay is so easy to learn that you'll get the whole idea after crossing the first few blocks. Once you completely get used to the gemeplay and know when to just cross the block and when to increase your speed, you just want to keep playing to collect more rewards, find more hidden objects and of course improve your top score.
Since the graphics and designs are clean, the gameplay is smooth, and the challenges are endless, you'll never feel like being bored or tired. In our opinion, you just want to keep crossing the blocks, pass through the static and dynamic obstacles and most of all, have fun.


Our verdict: Give it a try
First of all, Snakitch is totally free to play and it doesn't even come with a single in-app purchase item. So, it really doesn't hurt to install and play it. But, if you are one of those who needs some solid reasons to install a game on their Android device, here are just a few reasons that we think might help you decide better:
One. High-quality graphics with awesome music and sound effects
Two. Addictive yet easy to learn and smooth gameplay
Three. The game includes over 300 levels with different difficulty levels as you progress (According to the developer's note in the Play Store description)
Four. The obstacles appear on the screen randomly and you never know what to expect
Five. The direction and speed change constantly and you must always be focused
Six. There are so many rewards, power-ups and hidden objects to collect

So, if you are into such arcade games, download Snakitch for free and share your thoughts with us.

Download from Play Store