The more followers and like you have on your Instagram profile, the more popular and reputable you will be. There is no doubt about this statement and that’s why users will do whatever it takes to increase the number of their followers and the number of likes for their posts.

There are so many websites, apps and services that claim they will boost your followers and bring more attention to your social profiles, including your Instagram account. Many of them bring fake users or real users with the least percentage of engagement to your posts and your favorite media. So, you need to be very careful when it comes to choosing a perfect service for boosting your Instagram performance and manage to get more followers and likes.

Social Fly, is a free Android app that aims to get your real Instagram followers and likes. According to the developer’s note, here is how the Social Fly works: “You just have to use our app to choose tag's category and copy the tag's group that suits your media. If you use those tags on your post, the search visibility of your account and media will increase so the followers and likes.”

The idea of the app sound promising and reliable, and if you are one of those who are looking for a legit way to increase your Instagram followers and likes, make sure to give Social Fly a try and let us know about your results in the comments.