In the modern world, business and marketing live off social networks. Long gone are the days when people used social networks exclusively with the help of computers. Now the main gadget for viewing the feed and publishing posts is a smartphone, so marketing is focused on the smartphone format. Today we will talk about what are the features of the interface on phones and what formats are suitable.

Vertical video format

The main trend in the era of phones is the vertical video format. Now its implementation can be seen in all popular social networks of the world. Instagram decided to repeat the success of TikTok and create an exact copy of the format. This new tab in the app is called Reels.

Thanks to this innovation, it has become easier for bloggers to become famous. To promote posts, a beginner needs to buy Instagram likes for each new post. This is the only effective tool in the fight for high statistics of text posts.

However, when you publish Reels, you can buy less activity. People can view them multiple times in your account and randomly in the feed. This will allow you to save even on such an already cheap way to gain popularity.

The idea of Instagram is the Stories format. These are publications that are shown in a feed separate from the posts and disappear after 24 hours. This is quite convenient because there you can publish something not very important so as not to keep it in your account forever.

Both of these formats are convenient only for viewing from a smartphone. Of course, the social network has a desktop version, but usi ng it is not as convenient as a mobile app.

Mobile apps

When bloggers prescribe a strategy for developing their account and buy real Instagram likes, they mean that users are viewing their content on a smartphone. Therefore, they emphasize that the text and photo should be adapted to a fairly small phone screen. The text is divided into paragraphs and is not huge, and the photo was taken, if not close-up, then at least you can see something on it.

Now every social network is adapted for mobile apps. Few people use Instagram or Twitter using a browser because it is inconvenient. Apps are easy to download and the memory of modern phones allows you to install a huge number of them.

Especially platforms like YouTube have to rebuild because it was originally meant that the videos would be viewed on the big screen. Now bloggers are adapting to small screens and trying to shoot so that everything can be seen.


People all over the world use social networks on smartphones. The smartphone screen is small and it is not always convenient for adapting social networks. Also, the presence of many applications negatively affects the productivity of people. However, this is our reality that we have to put up with.

Now the most popular format suitable for phones are vertical videos. Social network developers are doing everything possible to make their use comfortable through mobile apps.