Solitaire has always been one of my favorite games since I bought my first computer back in the old days, and no wonder there are still so many card games on different platforms with the same concept and gameplay.

To get the idea of how popular this game is, simply search for “Solitaire” in Google and you will notice you can play it quickly from the search results. There are also so many card games on the Play Store that enables you to play Solitaire and other classic card games.


Solitaire Story is one of the best card games I’ve ever seen that not only delivers the same old gameplay and concept, but it also makes its mark by offering super smooth animations, eye-catching landscapes and graphics, customizable card deck designs, and much more. There are over thousands of different Solitaire TriPeaks puzzle levels and as you progress, you get to travel different cities all around the world to make sure you never get tired or bored, and there are always some challenges for you.

If you are already fam iliar with the concept of such card games, you are good to go. But, if you are new, there is also a cool tutorial to ensure you get used to the gameplay and concept after a couple of tries.


Is it worth a try?

For those who are looking for a card solitaire tripeaks game, and care about graphics, user-interface, and gameplay, Solitaire Story won’t disappoint you at all. For those who are looking for a free card game to kill some time in their spare time, Solitaire Story can be a good choice as well. And since this card game is completely available for free, you can give it a try yourself and explore the features.

Solitaire Story is available to download for free from the Google Play Store.