The history of space shooter games go way back into time, and if you used to play such shooter games back in school, you probably get addicted to this fresh action game. Space Defender Shooter, as the name implies, is a galaxy attack game in which you get to fight against a range of different spaceships and your objective to take down the army of enemies and survive.

What I liked most about this epic galaxy war game is the fact that while it’s loyal to the concept, it comes with smooth animations, easy to learn gameplay, and endless challenges. The variety of available challenges with countless missions, and the option to unlock new spaceships to fight with, make sure you never get bored or tired, and there are always fresh challenges for you.


There is also the fun online mode that enables you to go against other players live and experience an epic PVP battle, unlike any other space shooting games.


Is this galaxy war game worth a try?

Overall, this free galaxy game war won’t disappoint those who are already familiar with this type of game. If you are new to space shooter games, Space Defender Shooter can be an excellent choice as it delivers the same concept with endless challenges and easy to learn gameplay.

Download Space Defender Shooter from Google Play and have fun attacking and taking down the invaders.