Subway Surf was one of the very first endless running and jumping games that is still one of the most downloaded game in this category. And wonder many developers have tried to use the idea and produce their own game with the same gameplay and different interface, graphics and features.

Space Run 3D is one of the newest endless running games and can be easily named one of the best games in its kind. It delivers everything that I expect from such running games and I have really enjoyed playing it so far. It even sets the bar to a higher level for me by offering smooth gameplay, easy to control character, realistic physics, engaging graphics and cool music.


Is Space Run 3D worth downloading? The answer is BIG YES. If you like playing endless running games and care about the high-quality graphics as well as engaging story with realistic physics and control, then Space Run 3D is going to become your best companion in your spare time.

I also liked the Leaderboard feature that enables users to compete against family and f riends.


Space Run 3D main features at a glance:

  • Clean and neat design with fresh and intuitive interface
  • High-quality graphics with cool sound effects and music
  • Addictive gameplay with smooth control and realistic physics
  • Different power-ups and boosters to collect and unlock
  • Leaderboard feature
  • Daily boxes and surprise to receive rewards
  • Unlimited customization options for the character
  • Free to play (Although there are different in-app purchase items)

In overall, Space Run 3D can literally entertain you for hours without noticing the time. The addictive gameplay along with amazing graphics and unlimited challenges, make sure you never get bored.

Space Run 3D is available to download for free from the Google Play Store.