If you miss the old days and like to play an old school game, Space Shooter 2016 is an awesome choice for you. If you have been playing video games for a long time, you must be familiar with old school shooting games. You'd control a spaceship or plane and shoot the invaders that came across your way. Some of the things you shot gave you special powers as an award, like stronger bullets and at the end of the level, you'd have a boss fight. These simple games were a lot of fun and you can experience it again with this brilliant game. It's one of the coolest arcade games for Android in which you'll get the brilliant retro feeling.


There are lots of great Android shooting games that can take you back to the first days of video games and Space Shooter 2016 is one of them but you might prefer it to the others because of various reasons. First of all, let's talk about the innovative ideas that are added to the retro style. There are two icons in the left of the screen that you can use on the emergency. By using one of them, you can spread a bomb and defeat the swarming group of enemy. The other one is better be used when you're in danger of exploding because it will shield you against the bullets and lasers of the enemies. Actually, you can use these icons very few times; so, be careful to u se them at the right time.


Another factor that might interest you and make it different from other Android shooting games is the way you score. You won't score by shooting the enemies. When you shoot them, some stars are released from them and you must gather them to score. The stars are not the only things that are released from the destroyed enemies. Some of them will release pick-ups and you can shoot triple bullets at once by gaining them. Variety is a great factor that can make arcade games for Android more interesting than the others. You'll face various enemies in this game: regular planes, laser fields, gigantic enemies and many more.


If we want to decide about gameplay, I can say that it's great and fast paced. You can easily control your plane and battle with the cunning enemies. The graphics is also good and it is designed beautifully. You won't need a powerful phone to play it and one with Android 2.3 and up will do.


After all, we can deem Space Shooter 2016 as one of the most enjoyable arcade games for Android. It can give you the retro feeling as well as it has added innovative elements to it and give you the best experience of this kind of Android shooting games.

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