Engage with people interactively, make new connections in a more exciting and fun way, and meet new like-minded people. This was my first impression when I played around with Spur for the very first time. 

Spur is a new online dating app for both Android and iOS devices that packs some brilliant ideas and excellent features and comes with a fantastic user interface. Looking at the features this social app offers, the Pops feature caught my attention the most. According to the Spur website, Pops is the new way to connect online, transforming your profile from a static one-pager into a creative canvas. People can engage with the widgets you add to your profile, creating something just for you!

Spur Meet New People

Let’s review the highlighted features of Spur:

  • Fantastic user interface with high-quality graphics and smooth animations
  • Create a virtual persona that reflects your personality
  • Advanced matchmaking engine that finds you like-minded people with the same interests and preferences
  • Send and receive pops, text messages, GIF files, stickers, and more
  • Available for both Android and iOS devices
  • Strict community policy to ensure a safe and secure place to meet new people


Is Spur worth a try?

There are so many other social for making new connections and meeting new people. Do we still need yet another app? Well, in my opinion, Spur not only does offer every feature you expect from such dating apps, it also delivers an amazing set of features that make the whole process of finding new matches and meeting new people more fun and interesting. 

Using virtual interactions delivers a lifelike meeting experience, utilizing the advanced matchmaking engine brings you more matches based on your preferences and interests.

Download Spur for free on your Android device and have fun meeting new people and making new connections with like-minded people.