Cognitive Performance Tests are standardized neuropsych assessments. Squirrel Chaser tests one's visual attention, auditory attention, impulsivity, reaction time, and several other metrics of brain performance. What you measure improves. So over time the user will get better and better.

Do you want to take a test now? Let’s try
Squirrel Chaser that tests your ability to stay focused and concentrated while doing a specific task. 

How does Squirrel Chaser work? The science behind the app is based on how one makes decisions when under pressure and receiving both auditory and visual input. Do you start "dialing in"? Do you jump the gun? DO you zone out? It also tests from 2 minutes to 20 minutes in different increments so the user can continue to build their brain endurance.

The user can also test various interventions to see what improves or hurts performance (coffee, nutritional plans, exercise, medication, even human contact). You can test your results over time as well, or test based on the time of day, as an example. People think coffee makes them alert and, therefore, more focused. Data shows that yes, it makes people more alert, but you make way more mistakes, especially under pressure. This would be good to know before a test or important work (drone operators, pilots, heavy machinery, etc.). ADHD medication is also reported to make people feel well, but the data shows it does not help objective measures of attention.

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What do I like the most about Squirrel Chaser? 

Although All the tests and challenges are backed with science and you can rely on the final result to improve your concentration skills (This test does not diagnose or treat any medical disease or disorder, though).

I also liked the variety of available tests for different circumstances. While the Free version only offers a 2-minute test, on the premium version, you get to delve deeper into the forest with comparative data. You can compare your performance, identify what improves your cognitive performance, identify your best working environments, and much more. 

Is Squirrel Chaser worth a try?

The answer is Yes, if you are looking for a science-proved cognitive performance test to find out how focused you are on a subject. The Free version helps you get the whole idea on the first try, and the paid plan (with a 7-day trial) makes sure you try to evaluate all the features before making your final decision.

Download Squirrel Chaser from Play Store, take the attention tests, and do your best to improve your cognitive performance.