As new technology evolves, so has the Android ecosystem and its development tools. Considering the growing popularity of this platform, it only makes sense that there is a demand in the marketplace for more Android apps. This article will review what you should focus on to launch a career in Android app development.

Which Language Should You Learn - Java or Kotlin?
This decision is an essential first step. In 2017, Google announced it would provide Kotlin support for Android. While that should narrow down your choices, it is also important to note that Kotlin currently develops most apps. 

Java is used, but primarily for legacy purposes. Although both languages have similarities, and some projects utilize both, the reality is that Kotlin is newer than Java. That boils down to is that although Java requires a bit more tooling, there is a lot of support available. 

On the other hand, Kotlin is far easier to use as it is a modern language. So, to answer the question above, it won’t hurt to learn both languages, but you should expect to learn more about Kotlin as time progresses.

How You Can Learn Android App Development
Provided you have a computer and access the world wide web; you can access all kinds of tutorials online. There is so much available that you can reasonably learn all you need to launch your Android app development career and not spend a single dollar. Plus, building Android apps does not require owning an Android device. 

But where do you find these resources? According to Digital Authority Partners, the first stop you should make would be at the official Android Developers website. It contains all you need to assist you in learning how to publish Android apps. Google is another excellent source of all things Android. For example, countless Android CodeLabs are offering hands-on learning.

Become A Member of An Android Community
There is a lot to be said about joining an online community. You will find a lot of support and many others dealing with the same kinds of issues you may encounter. It also puts you in contact with others that may become strong connections who could influence your career as it grows. Plus, you will be able to swap and learn tricks and other great tips from members.

Finding The Right Communities To Join
To make the connections that will assist you today and tomorrow, you should start your search locally and move out from there. Your school, university, school district, and social clubs are a great place to start. In addition, if you have friends participating in Android app development programs, they may also have access to communities worth joining. 

After you have checked all local sources, it is time to expand your search. Go to Google and check out the directory of promoted groups through Google Developer Groups (GDG). Here you will find access to communities located around the globe. Follow Android’s official Twitter account (@AndroidDev) for additional assistance and tips.

Gaining An Edge When Applying For Employment
The job market has evolved in recent years to where certifications carry far less weight than they used to. This transition means that experience w ill make you stand out from all the other prospects seeking a job. The following real-world experiences will push your resume to the top of the pile simply because they demonstrate the practical skills you have used.

Having Built An App
If you have already built an Android app and have distributed it to the world through the Play Store, this will earn you many high marks when competing for an app development job.

Creating A Profile
The site to build a profile that will get you noticed in the app dev landscape is GitHub. Making regular contributions to Open-Source Software will draw you a lot of attention.

Blogging/Social Media 
The final piece of the puzzle that will give you a leg up from all other job applicants is if you have been documenting your journey through regular blog posts and social media. 

What Frameworks Should I Start With?
Companies developing Android apps do generally not do so without including an iOS version of the same app. This versatility is done for several reasons because it saves time and money. Plus, all new technologies created today can use the same code base to generate both Android and iOS versions. 

The frameworks commonly used include Flutter, React Native, and Xamarin. However, for a first-time app developer, it is wise to stick to just the basics of Android and learn the nuances of that framework before moving into others.

What Is Jetpack Composed?
The simple answer is that Jetpack Compose is a new UI android framework created by Google. Essentially, it is a new tool to write UI with Kotlin. It is an easy, smooth, simple framework that has earned an excellent reputation from developers currently using it. However, it is so new that it is not a requirement for many jobs. But, learning how to use it will add to your skillset.

Build Some Apps
By the time you get to this point, the best thing to do is keep honing your Android app development skills. You can do that just by creating and building new apps. 

Are you stuck for inspiration? Visit the Play Store, see what types of apps are the most popular, and try to create a newer version. Or, maybe you already have a plan in mind for a new app that will change how we do something already.

Final Thoughts
You have chosen not only a challenging but an exciting and rewarding career path. It isn’t relatively as easy as just banging on the door of a prospective employer and asking for a job. However, you will get noticed if your practical experience is heavy with an online activity where you have had some measurable success with building apps. The tips above will help you get that edge you need to stand out from your competition.