A portfolio tracker and investment management app is a must-have app for investors and people who invested in stocks and cryptocurrencies. 

Stocker is an advanced finance app that supports both international stock markets and the cryptocurrency market. Using this free investment manager app, you can evaluate your performance in crypto and stocks markets and track your profit as well as the rate of the investment return. You also have access to the latest financial news to get live updates on the crypto and stock markets.

Stocker stocks all in one

What do I like the most about Stocker?

First of all, Stocker comes with a super clean interface, and you can easily find what you are looking for. This is very helpful if you happen to have multiple cryptocurrencies and stocks in your portfolio. 

Speaking of cryptocurrencies and stocks, you have the option to manage your investment in both markets under one single app. It supports stocks from HK, US, CH, SG, and TW stock markets, and 1,000+ currencies in the crypto market. 

Looking at the features set of this free investment management app, I can confirm that Stocker targets both amateurs and professional investors. It supports two valuations models (Cash Flow Model and Growing Model), and you can check the status of your investment and the entire market by looking at different graphs, including cash-market value, cash flow, and profit. 

What do I like the most about Stocker?

Are you an investor who is active in the stock and crypto markets? Are you looking for an app to track your portfolio and manage your investment? Do you care for a finance app to read the latest financial news? If your answer to one of these questions is Yes, then you should definitely give Stocker a try. 

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