Story Save for Insta lets you relive those moments again, by allowing you to save your friends Instagram stories, posts, and their live streams.

The photo and video sharing platform Instagram is full of stories. Over a hundred thousands of new stories are being uploaded on Instagram daily. You can now easily save Instagram stories on your Android device. All you have to do is install the app, log in to your Instagram account (using your username and password) and access all the stories of people you follow on Instagram. You can save the stories of both private and public profiles.


Let’s take a look at the features of the Story Save for Insta:

Fastest Story Saver: You just need to follow 3 steps to save any Instagram story (video or photo). Tap the username, tap on IG story photo or video and click on save. It’s the easiest way to save any Instagram story.

Search: Following dozens of people? Looking for someone special’s stories to save? Use search feature so you can easily save the story of that particular person in no time.


Bookmark: If you follow a lot of people on Instagram, then this option is really useful for you. You can bookmark your favorite people and from the bookmarked section, you will only see Instagram stories of your favorite people.

Share: Save Instagram story videos and photos and share them with your friends and family members over other social messengers like Whats, Hike etc.

Browse Saved IG Stories: Check saved folder to view all the Instagram live stories, video stories, photo stories that you have recently saved using the Instagram story saver app.

Refresh: Swipe down to refresh and check if the user has uploaded a new story to Instagram.


Download Story Save for Insta from Google Play Store and save the photos and videos your friends share as a story on Instagram.