Creating and publishing stories and feed images are getting so much popular in recent days. Like a new trend, everybody trying to create the best stories and feed images. So, they can get more attention to their friends on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapshot. Regarding this issue, here I’ve got a brilliant app for Android users that can help you create outstanding & beautiful image feeds and story feeds easily and efficiently. The app is Story Wall.


So, let’s have a look at it before creating your first story or image feed!

The app Story Wall is a simple yet powerful story and image feed making tool with amazing features. It comes with 150+ templates, 10+ fonts, 20+ predefined colors, 20 stickers, 60 filters to adjust the colors, and other image editing tools like brightness adjuster.

And, with all of these, it allows you to create amazing stories and stunning feed images for Instagram, Facebook, and Snapshot. With it’s easy to use interface and powerful editing engine, Story Wall is one of the best tools to make your stories shine among your friends’ stories.