I’ve always been a fan of 2048 puzzle games and I’ve always been looking for a game that used the same concept and delivers whole new gameplay and experience. Summable is a merging game for Android that checks everything I expect from such math puzzle games and not only helps relax your mind but also helps you have fun in your spare time.


What to expect from Summable? Well, the logic is as simple as merging tiles with the same number and color to create a bigger number. In each level, your objective is to reach a certain number and you need to merge as many tiles as it takes to hit the goal and clear the level. While the first set of math puzzles seems to be really easy to solve, you have to face more difficult challenges as you progress.


What about gameplay and design? Well, the high-quality graphics along with smooth animations and easy to learn gameplay, enables you to easily focus on solving the number merging puzzles without havi ng to worry about lags, complex gameplay, or bad UI.


What I like the most about this math puzzle game? First of all, it’s based on the popular 2048 concept, but with new gameplay and challenges. You can merge the tiles in any direction, including diagonal. And the fact that the difficulty level grows as your progress, helps you get used to the idea very easy and fast.


Is it worth a try? If you like playing math puzzle games and looking for a fresh title to improve your puzzle solving skills and relax your mind, Summable won’t disappoint you at all. It’s available for free, and the available ads are not annoying at all.

Download Summable from Google Play and see how many math puzzles you can solve by just merging numbers of the same.