The idea behind Sup for Android (as well as iOS) is so simple yet genius. You let another user connect to your phone remotely to see the world from the lens of your device’s camera.
In other words, you ask a friend (or a friends asks you) to share their camera with you, and you also get to see a live selfie (yes, this is another definition for one way video calling) as well as asking your friend to move the direction of the camera lens by using swipe gestures.

If, like us, the very first question popped in to your mind is about the privacy, according to the Sup’s developers, nothing is saved and no unauthorized access is allowed as you can easily manage who can get control of your camera and who can’t. You also get to choose which camera (main or front) should be the active camera and your friend doesn’t even have the control to switch cameras.
To get started you just need to use your phone number and wait for a confirmation code to arrive and complete your registration. Note that, it seems international numbers are still having problem receiving the confirmation code. From now on, you can see the list of your friends who have already started Supping and what you need to do now is let the fun begin…


In overall, we really liked the Sup idea. But we are still concerned about privacy issues especially if when the application gets viral and many users try to take advantage of it.
So, are you ready to Sup your friends?