Bubbler shooter games are one of those types of games that never gets old and boring, and you can always see new titles in this category. Super Talent Bubble is one of the latest bubble shooter games that, although it is loyal to the old concept, comes with a modern UI and unique challenges. 

About the developer: This addictive bubble shooter game is developed by the CoolgamesApp company, which focuses on providing action and adventure games to add fun to players’ lives. As far as I checked their profile on Google Play Store, they also offer yet another addictive game called Guardian Space Galaxy, which is based on the popular and classic galaxy shooter game. 


What did I like the most about Super Talent Bubble?

These days, it’s hard to find a new game with a unique concept, and the competition has moved from the game being unique to the game being easy to play with high-quality gra phics and fun challenges. Super Talent Bubble checks all the boxes here, as it delivers an amazing experience of playing a bubble shooting game while respecting the classic concept. 

I enjoyed playing the game and the wide range of available challenges, along with amazing graphics and easy to learn gameplay, made me play the game for hours without even noticing the time. 

Super Talent Bubble

Is Super Talent Bubble really worth a try?

Like always, it depends on the type of game you are looking for. If you are looking for a time-killer game with familiar gameplay, Super Talent Bubble is the perfect choice for you. The challenges and levels are designed in a way to ensure maximum fun and excitement. 

Download Super Talent Bubble from Play Store and have fun aiming and shooting at the bubble of the same color and burst them all before it’s too late.