TALi is an advanced text analyzer that not only comes up with a powerful OCR to extract text from PDF files, but it also delivers a set of useful text analysis representing important figures and statistics about the article you are reading. 

With this free text analyzer app for Android, your text is first processed and then meaningful insights are presented to you. For example, notable parts of your text are highlighted, and based on the context of that highlighted part, you will be offered with a related action. 

For example, you may be redirected to a Wikipedia page, get instant navigation to the identified place, make a call to a phone number, send an email, and much more. There is also the Statistics tab where you get to see more details about the text you imported, such as total characters count, different words counts, language, total sentences count, list of most frequent words, and a graph showing the word length distribution. 

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What to expect from TALi?
I played around with this free yet advanced text analyzer app for a couple of days before writing the review, and here is the list of the features that make this app worth a try:

One. It comes with a powerful OCR feature and based on my own experience, it does its job very clean and accurate.

Two. After analyzing your text, It offers related actions for every extracted entity. Available actions vary from showing more information about a specific term using the data from Wikipedia, to navigating to a location and sending an email.

Three. It uses natural language processing and text engineering, and provides you with sentiment analysis.

What else? Well, there is still more to cover, and since TALi is available to download for free, you can give it a try and explore the features for yourself. I recommend TALi to anyone who likes reading very much and wishes to dig into the articles they read.