Nowadays there are many active communities in Internet environment. Each of these communities depending on the subject they are covering, has a different number of viewers. Among these communities there are some forums which are very popular, such as XDA Developers which is a forum specialized about phone devices and is a favorite one among most of Android’s users.

The existence of these diverse forums and communities rise a demand for an application to update the users from these forums easily. One of the most powerful and popular application in this category is Tapatalk Forum Viewer.  

Application features

  • Covering more than 500,000 websites and forums, this is unique among its competitors.
  • Ability to view pictures and comments on similar forums, all through one app
  • Ability to send and receive private messages between users
  • Ability to view and change the user's profile (Control Panel)
  • Split subscribed threads for faster access to information
  • Ability to search in forums
  • View unread topics and comments


Taptalk interface

After installing the app on your Android device, you can register in Tapatalk. The registration is easy. Next, you should search for forums which you would like to add to your account. To do this, on the first screen tap the magnifier icon to search and find the forums’ name. Then you should enter your access information to that forum, so after adding all the forums you can access them from the app main screen. Selecting a forum and swiping your finger from left to right will open the menu that has all the options available to you. The options are:

Notifications: As the name suggests, you can check the notifications coming from each forum.

Subscribed: In this section, all the threads which you have subscribed will be shown for a quick access. For example, in one forum, there are only 10 topics that interest you, so you can subscribe only to those for an easy and simple access from this section.

Participated: will list the threads which the user participated in them.

Unread: Unread topics by the user

Inbox: Private mailbox. The messages which other users send will be saved here.

Timeline: It will list all the latest posts based on the chronological order

Categories: This section displays general categories of the forum. The section provide what subjects the forum is covering and each topics on the main subjects.

Search: Search in the forum

People: user’s list with the search possibility among them and viewing some part of their profile.

Settings: Everybody is familiar with this section, including a variety of settings that the user can apply.

There are several options available in the settings section, which depending on the application and the usage the user can apply them. The options include: font size, type, time (12 or 24 hours), quick response bar to show or hide topics, the number of posts shown in each page, representation type of each topic to choose (to which post show: first, last, or the last post that read, etc.), your signature when you post the software and many more.


Download Taptalk from Google Play