Your Android device comes with a default music player app and there are so many other well-known apps that can handle your music needs, including the option to play your local library, play online music and suggest you some fresh hits.

So, do you still need to look for a new music player app? The answer is still YES.

Teaser Music is a new music app for Android that focuses on discovering hit songs and finding new music in any genre. If you are tired of your local library and always having trouble finding new songs, then this free music player app is a must-have app for you.


What to expect from the Teaser Music?

In a nutshell, this music app enables you to find new fresh hits in your favorite genre in a few seconds. The super user-friendly interface along with easy to find menus and sections, make sure you can easily find what you are looking for. You get to easily start streaming new songs (just as a teaser music) and once you find your favorite song, you can listen to the full version through their official YouTube page.


What are the available playlists and genres?

When we first opened the app, these playlists appeared on the screen:

  • Daily discoveries (Updated daily)
  • New music (Weekly)
  • New music (Monthly)
  • Workout motivation
  • Different genres including Alternative, Indies, Country, Dance, Electronic, Latin, Contemporary R&B


Should you download the Teaser Music?

If you like discovering new songs while saving time, then the answer is a BIG YES! Teaser Music gathers together fresh songs in different categories and you get to find your favorite songs by listening to their teasers (15 to 20 seconds). So, you just need to add songs in your favorite list and easily listen to the songs in full-length on YouTube.

Download Teaser Music, the comprehensive music app to discover new songs, on your Android phone or tablet and enjoy listening to new music on a daily basis.

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