Writing skills are essential for modern people as we often text each other and convey our thoughts in a written form. Of course, you want to sound professional and well-read when crafting any text, be it e-mail, a tweet, an Instagram post, or a term paper. For anyone who wants to sound like an educated person and not discredit themselves with poor grammar or folly word choice, there are specific apps to improve your writing skills. No matter what your current level is, there are apps that can boost your writing up and take it to a whole another level. Today, we are going to take a close look at some of the Android apps that can help you write better texts.


Well, let us start with one of the most well-known apps, which does not only fix your errors but gives some suggestions on word choice and phrasing that can truly change the way you craft your texts. There’s a free and a paid version of the same app, and truth be told, the free version is quite impressive too. The paid version gives you a broader functionality and some great features such as plagiarism detection, but if you are not ready to pay for it just yet, the base functionality is still quite impressive. Of course, it does not write texts for you, so you’ll still have to put some serious effort into writing, but it makes it easy to detect errors and fix them really fast.


One of the apps that are still waiting to be added to the Android roster is SupremeStudy. This app is primarily targeted at students who have to write a lot and might lack the time or skill to do that. If you don’t have the time to write, there are online bases of free essay examples that help you craft your text from the ground up, so you can find such services on SupremeStudy to get the truly perfect text you need. This app is tailored to the needs of students and is totally easy to access and use from the get-go.

Android apps to improve writing skills

750 Words

If you want to become better at anything, you must practice a lot. We don’t know who came up with the idea, but it seems as 750 words a day is optimal for your development as a better writer. This is a simple tracking app, similar to gym apps or other apps to improve your performance at anything. The idea is that if you write 750 words a day, you’ll become gradually stronger in writing. The app gives you rewards for hitting your daily targets, so you’ll feel satisfied doing that.


Hemingway is a great app to help you with writing strong, concise, and comprehensive texts. The app fixes the grammar, offers better words and phrases, eliminated redundancies in your text, and breaks sentences that are too long or too complex into shorter ones. Hemingway is the perfect tool for making your writing stronger, compact, and precise. If you feel like your text is too wordy, use this app and make the necessary corrections to improve your writing. This is a unique writing tool that does not just fix your errors but sets you in the right direction to improve your writing skill. Truly a great resource for anyone who wants to craft more powerful texts.

Daily Page

The fear of a blank page is one of the biggest dreads to the writers, whether you are a beginner or not. This app right there is meant to help you deal with the black page problem. This is a great resource for daily prompts on a wide variety of topics, so you can go through those and find inspiration for your own unique article. Of all the writing apps we’ve discussed out there, this one is more like an inspiration app – there, you can find all sorts of texts to draw some inspiration from. If you have the black page problem, just go through the texts they update on a daily basis and enjoy.

OneLook Reverse Dictionary

This is a dictionary and a thesaurus put into one. It browses more than 1000 dictionaries with a total of 18 million words to find the best synonyms and antonyms for any word you’d ever think of. This is one of the free apps to improve writing skills, especially if you are not a native speaker. It allows you to find words that fit your context just right. You can learn the new words and memorize them better by using them in your sentences, which is a great way to learn. You can use the app to improve your vocabulary and crank up your writing skills.

best Android apps to help you improve your writing skills


This is not exactly a writing app, but it might surely help you write better and more productively. It is a great resource of ambient music for concentration and focus. Suppose you have problems writing in places that are either too noisy or too quiet. In that case, Coffitivity is a perfect app that gives you the right auditory stimuli, so you can focus on your text without being distracted by the music or other external noise. This is a resource for anyone who wants to write in a calm and stable environment that is filled with sound but not as much as to overwhelm you and give you a headache. That is why you should try it out.

Wrap Up

Writing is never easy, and it is really important for you to have some backup. Luckily, there are apps for literally anything out there, so you can choose one that suits you and use it on a daily basis. From the apps that fix grammar errors to the apps that just create the right mood for your writing endeavors, you can choose and use anything that fits you. Go for it and check those awesome apps out.