Managing storage, clearing the RAM and in overall optimizing the performance, has always been an issue in Android devices; from devices with 512GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage to devices with 3GB of RAM (Galaxy S6 has still issues managing apps in the background). So, no wonder if you search for related keywords like “RAM management”, “Boost Speed”, and “performance optimization” you’ll be drawn into so many applications which claim to make your device run faster by optimizing the performance.


If you are confused about using either of these optimizing apps, make sure to follow this AW Center app review, as we are going to review one of the best memory management apps in the Play Store; The Cleaner - Speed up & Clean.

Download From Google Play

The Cleaner, optimizes the device performance, removes unnecessary items, removes unused applications, boosts the gaming performance and manages the memory to make sure unnecessary apps and services are not occupying the RAM.


While there are other apps with the same functionality, what makes The Cleaner to stand out from the competitors, is its user-friendly interface. When you first open the app, you see 3 tabs: Memory, Storage, and Apps. All you have to do is just tapping the Analyze button, let the app do some thinking and after that perform the recommended action. For example, go to the Memory tab, tap the Analyze and wait for the app to show you the list of application s that are using the RAM. You may Clear them all or just mark/unmark specific apps to be closed/remained open.


The Clear Features at a Glance

  • Closes the apps and services running in the background and using the RAM
  • Clear Apps’ Cached data (The entire apps or just the apps you want)
  • Sorts applications by install date, alphabetical, and storage usage, and lets you uninstall one or many apps at once (Batch uninstall)
  • Filters the apps with the same permissions: Call permissions, SMS permissions, Contacts permissions, Location permissions and Camera permissions.
  • Auto Scan Memory at given interval
  • Suggests idle apps to Uninstall (Very useful feature for those who just install apps without even bothering to open them)
  • Game Booster: Automatically kills background tasks, so you’ll have a smoother gaming experience
  • Different themes to choose from
  • Support Ads (with the option to remove ads and get all themes)


If you care about the performance of your device and want to make sure there is always free RAM and you are not keeping unnecessary apps and files on your Android phone/tablet, then click the link below to get this super light app from Play Store and let The Cleaner do the job of optimizing for you.