Way back in 1951, when Asimov's "The Fun They Had" was published in a children's newspaper, no one had the slightest idea that technology would truly transform conventional classroom settings. The science fiction story depicts the life of two siblings who undergo computerized schooling. It sounds like a déjà vu indeed!

Technology has tremendously impacted the education systems around the world. To be more precise, much has changed in modern classrooms – thanks to highly dynamic technological advancements.

Let's see how technology has altered the classroom scenario and affected the lives of students, teachers, and parents.

How Does the Education System Benefit from Latest Technology?

Parents can no longer relate to the "new normal" of modern classrooms. Today, students seek “help write my essayto eliminate some of the assignment burdens off their shoulders and invest time in learning.

With the latest technologies:

  • Learning got more engaging and interactive. The advancement in technology has made it possible for students to attend virtual classes. Virtual participation in discussions and lectures and ease of sharing online notes make the learning process engaging and interesting. It breaks the monotony of attending classes within the confinement of four walls.
  • Incorporating multiple teaching and learning styles became possible. Teachers try experimenting with different teaching styles to keep students motivated. At the same time, students with diverse learning habits can learn at their convenience. For instance, some students prefer listening to podcasts, while others can take the help of visual aids to remember the concepts vividly.
  • Teachers' workloads have been reduced significantly. Teachers no longer need to spend time on administrative tasks, a compilation of learning materials, and lesson planning. They can prepare as well as deliver lessons, assess the performance of students, and offer feedback conveniently using easy-to-use software and free tools.
  • Teacher-student collaboration enhanced. Students often consider regular classroom lectures boring and stay passive throughout the classes. But when technology is incorporated in classrooms, students engage and collaborate with teachers willingly and participate in discussions with enthusiasm and vigor.

The "Then" and "Now" of Modern Classrooms

Smart Boards Have Replaced Conventional Blackboards

Technology has transformed the way teachers use boards in classrooms. Earlier, traditional blackboards were popular. Then came the trend of clear and easy-to-clean whiteboards and eco-friendly green boards. Currently, smart boards are trending.

These are large digital screens that display slides, videos, and much more. These smart boards make the content engaging and graphic.

Video Lectures Gained More Popularity

Students prefer attending live video lectures online rather than having to face teachers in offline classrooms. Also, the concept of recorded video lectures is popular among students because they can learn and understand lessons as per their schedule and at their pace. If a student misses a class, they can easily catch up with it through these recordings.

Parents Now Get Updates in Real-Time

Gone are the days when printed letters and circulars were distributed to inform parents and students about the latest updates. Educational institutions now use WhatsApp and other similar apps to share important details and information. This move is not only eco-friendly but also highly effective. Messages get conveyed efficiently to parents and students through these apps.

Smart Devices Have Almost Replaced Books

Similar to Asimov's story, students today get to study from laptops, smartphones, and tablets. These gadgets are not just user-friendly but also have massive storage. They can store unlimited data and can also offer every detail in just a few seconds.

The Way Assignment Are Perceived Has Changed

Students no longer submit piles of sheets and notebooks to the teachers. Instead, teachers prefer assignments submitted in the form of Google docs or blogs. Students are more comfortable with typing rather than writing every word. It significantly brings down the chances of errors. Besides, the online modes made sharing the docs and giving real-time feedback an easy process.

No More Wastage of Paper on Notes

Teachers have gradually turned toward eco-friendly options. They no longer waste papers and time by distributing photocopied notes. Teachers now share files, folders, notes, assignments, report cards, etc., with the entire class in just a single click – thanks to Cloud Storage. Both students and teachers can get access to these folders and spreadsheets.

Digital Repositories Have Taken Over Physical Libraries

Both teachers and students can learn and upskill themselves using the educational videos on YouTube. Also, SchoolTube and TeacherTube are two dedicated platforms meant for students and teachers, respectively.

On SchoolTube, students can upload videos like school activities, competitions, and school projects. On the other hand, teachers can enhance and upgrade their lesson plans by learning new skills from TeacherTube. In addition, numerous websites, research papers, online courses, and all of the web come in handy to research a concept or anything one needs to learn.

Taking Notes Was Never This Easy

Earlier, carrying notebooks for different subjects, noting down significant points during lectures was quite common. But in the rush of catching up with the teacher's narration speed, students often miss some crucial points. But technology has a solution for this as well.

Tech-savvy students now prefer recording entire lectures using free online tools and software. There are even apps that convert speech to text. Such software comes quite in handy in taking notes during classes.

Summing Up

Technology is changing every day. By incorporating the right technology in the right place, life can get easier. Modern classrooms are no exception. Advanced technology has introduced changes in the way knowledge is gained as well as imparted.

It has never interfered with the very essence of education. Instead, technology has modernized and revamped the teaching and learning system. Thereby, it has made the entire process more fun-filled, interesting, and effective.