It isn't very likely to find a gamer who has not heard of the name PUBG. This game has changed the gaming scenario forever. With over 100 million active users, this game has become the buzz gaming option out there in the world. But this massive popularity also makes it difficult for one to regularly win matches, especially for beginners who have just started their adventure. And on top of that, if you aim to win solo matches, the challenge gets more demanding.

But not to worry, newbies, as we have compiled a list of some of the best tips from the Battlelog that can help you win solo matches in PUBG without any significant difficulty.

Focus on looting quickly
Since you are playing solo, you cannot rely on the other players to do the looting for you. Simultaneously, you cannot expect your teammates to cover for you as well. So the best thing you can do is loot what you see and get the hell out of the dangerous location as soon as possible. Around 15 to 20 percent of the gamers die in the very first minute when they spend too much time looting. Take what you can, and then regroup at a safe location.

Prioritize items like bandages and ammo. But again, and it cannot be reiterated enough, grab whatever you can without thinking too much about it. You can sort through the items later.

Only heal when it is required
A common mistake many players make is they use healing items quite liberally. It is not a smart strategy for one to follow as the bandages and med kits are pretty limited in the game. So, it does not take a rocket science degree for one to understand that they have to be conservative in their approach.

Additionally, being careful when you are healing yourself is always the best and safer bet. Doing the process in the open and without any cover is just an invitation for disaster, as, during the process, you are pretty much a sitting duck. So be smart regard ing when and where to heal your character.

Pick your battles wisely
Since you are playing solo, you need to be extra careful regarding whom to engage and, more importantly, where to engage. Going all out guns blazing is great if you want to have fun, but you will not win many matches through this strategy. No, it would be best not to engage when you do not need to. This way, you would significantly increase your chances of winning the round. Conserve your energy and ammo, and you will be in a strong position at the final segment of the match.

Find the best position and camp out
There is no point in staying out in the open when you have found the best weapons and accessories. The only reason why anyone would risk going out in the open is when they have something to gain. If you are already fully accessorized, find the best position for your character and let the enemies come to you. You can predict where the final battle will be with the first red circle. Camp near that location and sit relaxed until you see other players taking each other out. In fact, it is even possible that you would not even need to fight anyone to get that chicken dinner.

Invest in audio equipment
PUBG developers have created a masterpiece that offers a completely immersive experience to gamers. And the sound effect is counted among the best features that this game brings to the table. If you invest in a quality headpiece, you will be able to hear your opponents' footsteps, even if they try to sneak up on you. So, if you want to win in PUBG solo mode, purchase a quality headpiece.

Land in a low populated area
If there is one thing you have garnered from all the above-listed tips, then it would be to stay away from the fight as much as possible. You can also think strategically and land away from the densely populated areas. It would significantly reduce the chances of you getting in contact with any other player in the round and improve your chances of survival. Remember, the longer you survive, the more likelihood of you getting that chicken dinner!