Your new phone is just awesome and here we are going to help you with things to change on HCT 10 when setting it up. When you first turn on your HTC 10, you get to choose the language, add a fingerprint, add your Google account, connect your device to a wireless networks and a couple of other things. And after that, the home screen shows up. We suggest you to do a few steps more and change some settings on HTC 10 to make it more personalized. So let’s get started:


01. Transfer content from your old device to HTC 10

If you have already backed up the content in your old phone to your Google account and add this Google account to your new HTC 10, you have probably restored the stuff you need to your new phone. But if, there are still some content on your old phone and you need them on your HTC 10, do as follow to get all your content on your new phone:

Step1: Open the Settings app (It can be easily down by pulling down the status bar and hitting the Gear icon on the top right side of the screen)

Step2: Scroll down to the Personal settings, and touch to open the Get content from another phone option

Step3: Now you get to specify whether your old phone is an HTC device, Other Android devices (Samsung or else), or an iPhone.

Step4: After selecting your old phone, the specific transfer tool will show up.

** If you are not sure whether to switch from iOS to Android (iPhone to HTC 10 to be precise), note that you can easily import the backup from iCloud or iTunes and this transferring data must be your least concern.


02. Specify what to Sync between your Google Account and HTC 10

Google almost keeps and saves everything for you and you can easily specify what things to sync with your new phone. To sync your Google account with your HTC 10, do as follows:

Step1: Open the Settings app

Step2: Scroll down to the Personal settings and touch to open the Accounts & Sync settings

Step3: Make sure the Auto Sync option is toggled ON

Step4: Under the list of your added account (Manage Accounts list), tap to open the Google account. (If you have added more than One Google account, you need to specify the account you want to change the syncing settings)

Step5: Now, under the Sync settings, you can view the items that are stored in your Google account and can be synced with your HTC 10

Step6: Simply mark the items you want to be synced. Available items are: App Data, Calendar, Chrome, Contacts, Docs, Drive, Gmail, Google Fit Data, Google Opinion Rewards, Google Play Books, Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Music, Google Play Newsstand, Keep, News & Weather, People Details, and Tasks.

Tip1: if the Auto Sync option is disabled, you need to touch the 3-dot icon on the top right followed by the Sync Now, to manually sync data.

Tip2: To sync each item separately, you need to tap on it.


03. Add a fingerprint and more fingerprints for security

If you haven’t already added your fingerprint, then do as follows:

Step1: Open the Settings app

Step2: Under the Personal settings, touch to open the Fingerprint Scanner settings

Step3: Under the Fingerprint, touch the Add Fingerprint option

Step4: For security reasons, you need to add a backup screen lock method. Select between Pattern, PIN, or Password options and set it up

Step5: Now, it’s time to place your finger on the fingerprint scanner to let the phone scan your print

Step6: Hit the Start and touch the scanner

Step7: Once finished, hit the Done and from now on, you just need to touch the fingerprint sensor to unlock your HTC 10

Note that, when adding a fingerprint, it is recommended to touch the scanner the way you usually touch it. So, accuracy increases.

To add more fingerprints, do as mentioned again and again.


04. Remove BlinkFeed from home screen

BlinkFeed is not everyone’s favorite and it is enabled by default on your HTC 10. To disable BlinkFeed and remove it from the home screen, do as follows:

Step1: Go to the home screen and press and hold your f inger on an empty spot

Step2: On the Personalize menu, hit the Manage Home Screen Pages option

Step3: Swipe all the way to the BlinkFeed screen and touch the Remove option on the bottom right


05. Add language to your HTC Sense Keyboard

Sometimes you need to type in languages other than your system’s default language. So, it’s better to add new languages to the keyboard when setting up your HTC 10. To manage keyboard’s languages on HTC10, do as follows:

Step1: Open the Settings app

Step2: Go to the Language & Input settings (it’s under the Phone settings)

Step3: Touch to open the TouchPal – HTC Sense Version settings (Under the Keyboard & Input Methods)

Step4: Touch to open the Languages settings

Step5: Now, under the list of Installed Languages, mark the languages you want to add to your keyboard. (Note that, for some languages, you may need to download some data)

Note that, if you cannot find your language, check out the list of Available Languages too


06. Set data limit to avoid extra charge

If you are not on an unlimited data plan, it is recommended to set a data limit for traffic usage. To manage data usage on HTC 10, do as follows:

Step1: Open the Settings app

Step2: Under the Wireless & Networks settings, touch the More option

Step3: Tap to open the Data Usage settings

Step4: Make sure you are on the Mobile Data tab and then toggle on the Limit Mobile Data Usage option

Step5: Now check the usage chart and change the data usage limit bar

Step6: Change the Data Usage Cycle and Reset Data Usage options to get more accurate results


07. Check for new updates manually

After getting a new phone, there may be some OTA updates to improve the functionality of your device. To check if there is a new update for your HTC 10, do as follows:

Step1: Open the Settings app

Step2: Scroll all the way down to the About and open it

Step3: Tap to open the Software Updates settings

Step4: Hit the Check Now button and see if any OTA update is available for your HTC 10 or not


08. Manage LED Notifications

The LED notification make sure you never miss an important call or message. To specify when to use the flash LED for notifications and which apps can send a notification via the LED, do as follows:

Step1: Open the Settings app

Step2: Scroll down to the Phone settings, and touch to open the Sound & Notification settings

Step3: Under the Notifications settings, touch the Flash LED for notifications option and select one of these options: Always or When screen is Off

Step4: Now, open the Manage LED Notifications option and mark the apps to use flash notifications. Available options are: Missed call, Voice mail, Messages, Calendar, Mail, and Alarms.


09. Use Boost+ to clear junk files and clear memory automatically

The Bosst+ app is available on the HTC 10 by default, and using this app you get to automatically clear memory and junk files. To automatically clear memory, open the Boost+ app, go to the Settings and enable the Smart Boost option.

To clear junk files, go to the Clear Junk and clear Cache Files, App Installers, Temporarily Files, and Ad Files.


These are the things, we believe you should do and change on HTC 10 before using it. There are still more features and options to discover about the HTC 10, including the option to change the entire theme of your device, using freestyle theme, customizing the Do Not Disturb mode, using motion launch gestures, getting the most out of BoomSound audio experience, and setting up an adaptive storage. So, make sure to follow the AW Center articles, as more articles about HTC 10 are on the line to go live.