One of the criteria of Instagram algorithms for promoting any accounts or publications in the search or Explore section of a social network is the number of times when users like posts from profiles to which they are following, whether they are not even not following – just the number of likes. 

Moreover: the number of hearts placed under the publications is important, even if the number of likes is hidden from view by other Instagram users. 

Instagram posts from accounts with the most interactions (and these are likes and comments) are usually shown first in the feed, in the Explore, and also in your followers' feed, which is why it is so essential to get likes from Instagram followers.

How to get more likes on Instagram
In this article, I will show you all possible and only effective methods that you can apply to increase the number of likes on your Instagram posts in 2022. 

To get more likes on your blog or business on Instagram, you don't have to do anything particularly difficult. 

Who needs to get likes on Instagram?
The Instagram methods we use in this article can be used in practice by any professional Instagram user for commercial purposes in the Instagram profile and even by a simple amateur, just for fun.

For those who seek to save their own money and understand the ranking mechanisms of Instagram, it will be interesting to find out how to get a lot of likes on their own and for free. To do this, you can use various methods, here are the main working methods.

Likes to other users to get likes in response
There is one old method for getting likes on Instagram – it works at the level of psychology. Likes for likes (and no, I don't mean likes for likes as a hashtag). Be active, put hearts under publications even to unfamiliar users (but targeted, and similar to them) – with a 30% probability they will reciprocate. Despite the apparent simplicity of this method, you should not count on a one hundred percent return. 

Manual liking
 Not many people use this method today to get likes — i t takes a lot of time, and Instagram has limits on actions (such as likes). And not everyone wants to count the number of hearts left.

Automated liking
There are special automated programs that easily allow you to automatically leave hearts under the publications of your target user (and even 1000 users) on behalf of your account. Of course, this is much faster and easier than independently liking user posts. But this method has significant drawbacks: get blocked for exceeding the limits. But it is this Instagram bot for free Insta followers put likes automatically and has a strong protection against exceeding the limits of Instagram – it precisely controls and counts every action, plus for new accounts, it makes a specially low rate of liking. 

Keep an eye on the mode of your publications.

Hashtags and geolocation on every Instagram post for likes
To get more likes on Instagram, select suitable geolocation tags for each post – add up-to-date information about the geographical location that was used to take a particular photo or video in your profile. 

And of course, you need to use the most relevant hashtags so that your audience can find your Instagram post using the search. When posting, Instagram makes it possible to specify up to 30 hashtags, but it's better to limit yourself to 10-15 if you can't come up with all 30 hashtags relevant. Of course, for such tasks, it is better to use hashtag generators, rather than inventing keywords manually. You can add 4-5 super popular hashtags to your post, and in the other half or even in the comments to the post in the text cover medium and low-frequency ones. It will also be useful to come up with your hashtag and add it to each post.

This way you can get a lot of likes on Instagram using hashtags. 

By the way: to get likes organically – publish regularly, do not wait for likes on old publications. But it will be better if you post videos and photos with constant frequency. This is especially important if you already have at least a few followers. You should not disappear and not share fresh photos, videos, and Reels with your followers for a long time, as there is a great risk of losing your audience. It will be better if you consistently post new posts on Instagram every day or every other day.

This will help to further increase interest in your personal and attract even more of your supporters. All of these techniques work great if you use them wisely. Good luck and inspiration to everyone in working with clients!