Time-Lapse (Stop Motion) is a photography technique in which the capturing frame rates are much lower than the ones used in playbacks. With this technique it is possible to capture the movements of the clouds, the growing of a plant or the making of a skyscraper and later when finished, view the whole process within seconds. This way time appears to be moving faster and thus lapsing.

Now thanks to Android developers, it is possible to use this technique using your very own Android device!

You just need to Install one of these applications, position your device in the desired location and wait for the process to complete and you re the master of Time-lapsing and Stop Motion with Android

1. Lapse It • Time Lapse • Pro


Undoubtedly this is the most powerful time lapsing application for Android. It is professional, intuitive, and above all easy to use. Lapse It lets you adjust the capturing frame rates in the following units: milliseconds, seconds and minutes. Beside that you have access to all required camera settings such as: focus & flash mode, color effects, scene mode, white balance and the most important of all, capturing resolution. The application has no problem if you decide to use your front camera.

From the settings, you can change the Render settings (such as final video Encoder, frame rates &…), activate a schedule for when it should start and end capturing, adjust screen brightness during capture process and many other options. Other unique features incude:

● Upload directly to YouTube, Facebook, G+ and many others

● Built-in Time Lapse Social Gallery.

● Video Trimmer

● Reverse Time

● Flip in any direction

Download From Google Play 

2. Droid Timelapse Pro


Not as flexible as Lapse It but still powerful. Droid Timelapse uses the full camera sensors to capture quality time-lapse videos. Like Lapse it, you have full control over camera utilities, white balance, color effects, flash settings and focus mode. You also have control over frame capture rate settings, maximum duration of final video and capturing resolution.

The following bold features unlock in the PRO version:

  • Set auto exposure during recording as fixed or continuous to remove flickering.
  • Background lock if secure system lock is enabled after screen is turned off.

 Download From Google Play

3. Tina Time-lapse


This is a simple and light weight time lapsing application to create stop motion with Android. The only weak point is it doesn’t provide the finall video and you will have to do this yourself via a PC. Except that, every other feature remains almost the same as the two other ones.  This means you have control over photo resolution, photo quality, white balance, scene mode, color effects, flash & focus mode and all other general features.

Download From Google Play

You might want to use a time-lapse calculator before starting the capture or shooting Stop Motion with Android. These tools help one to decide the appropriate settings for any time-lapse projects.