With the development of societies and the increasing of responsibilities, forgetting about a friend’s birthday, a meeting at your kid’s school, a reunion party, and some daily tasks, is getting somehow common and normal. In the past years, we used to mark our hands as a reminder or write them on papers with high chance of losing them, but nowadays smartphones provide many To DO List applications which their main task is to make sure nothing is going to be forgotten ever.

Todoist is one of the best Cross‌ Platform‌ ToDo‌ List‌ App which its Android app and widget is one of our favorites.

Todoist: To Do List, Task List Review

The first thing we should mention about this App is about its Multi-Platform feature. All your tasks are synced through the most of the available platforms.  In other words, you can reach your daily agenda whenever you want, wherever you are, and with any device you have; a mobile phone, a tablet, a PC or a Laptop and thanks to the web browser and e-mail features you don’t have to have the Todoist installed on your devices to reach your tasks. I really liked it when received an Email, notifying me about my completed and ongoing tasks and projects as well as a graphical chart showing MY PRODUCTIVITY in the past days.

The last thing you want from a ToDo List application is a complex UI, and Todoist offers one of the best user interfaces we experienced so far. You can easily add a task and assign different options to it. The thing we liked when adding a task is the ability to insert textual dates in the date field, for example if you want to add a recurring task which happens every Sunday and Monday at 11:30 you just need to type: every sun,mon at 11:30.

The 2 home screen widgets of Todoist lets you create tasks right from you home screen and also view your available tasks without the need to open the application.

Todoist Main Features:

  • Supporting devices and platforms: Android Phone, Android Tablet,  iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac OS, Chrome, Firefox, Outlook, Thunderbird, Wedoist
  • Go to todoist.com to check your tasks
  • Using the app in offline mode
  • Very easy to use interface
  • Task Reminders (The pro version provides notification through text message and emails)
  • Assign tasks to different projects
  • Set priority for each task
  • Home Screen Widgets

How to work with Todoist

When opening the app for the first time, you are required to either create an account or login with your Google account. The main screen of the application is to show your ongoing and completed tasks, which is empty for now. To add a task, you simply need to tap the Plus icon on the top menu. First enter the name of the task, then assign a date to the task (It is recommended to tap the 3 dot button on the top right and then select Date Help to get to know more about an efficient date and time inserting way), and then you can assign labels, priority and importance to the created task. After adding your tasks, head back to the main screen of the application to see available actions for each task. Tap each task to mark it as compelte, postpone the due date, add some notes to the tasks, or edit the entire task. You can also tap and hold your finger to change the order of tasks. If you go to Settings >> Notifications you can see plenty of options to set the notifications.


Todoist is without any doubt one of the best Cross-Platform applications to manage your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks, and its simple user interface makes it really great working with the application. Syncing options, simple UI, assigning different tasks to a project with different levels of priority, home screen widgets to see your tasks, and the offline mode are some of the worthy features of Todoist.

 Inserting texts as dates and reminders are very creative but we would prefer to be able to set customizable notifications or dates by using other methods as well. This feature sometimes is more confusing than being useful, for example at the first glance, it seems the application doesn’t support adding time to a task or add flexible dates while there is no time picker option, or there is no way to add recurring dates.

Since there seems to be a huge update for Todoist in the near future, we hope to see a calendar on the app, and a more efficient way to add reminders, dates and times.

Download Todoist from Google Play