It is not easy to be a student today because there is more information and less time. Fortunately, some apps can significantly simplify a student's life in any educational institution. Here are valuable applications for students.

What are the best 10 Android apps for students?

As a student, you want to receive information quickly and without much effort. Sitting in the library for hours and looking for suitable material - is not what a modern student subscribed to. Moreover, the rhythm of a student's life is much more intense than that of a schoolboy. Long couples, seminars, term papers, scientific projects. All this confuses the newly minted student. Moreover, by this year, as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have learned that education is not always textbooks and homework. Your smartphone is now a good learning tool. There are many educational apps for smartphones to make the studying process easier and more efficient. After all, a modern student may not have a pen with him, but the phone is always at hand.

  1. Pocket is almost a well-kept secret that many students haven't caught on to yet. Pocket lets you bookmark articles, videos, and other online content so you can review them later when you have time. 
  2. Dropbox can help you keep your documents, photos, and videos in one place, whether you're in college, relaxing in your dorm room, or visiting your parents. Each new user gets 2 GB of free storage, but students can save money by getting an additional 500 MB per friend.
  3. With GoConqr, you can learn on the go and discover over 1.5 million learning resources worldwide.
  4. Covering a wide range of sections of higher mathematics, Mathway will be a great helper for every high school student or student.
  5. EssayUSA is a user-friendly service for writing assignments. Here you will find a variety of proposals from competent authors in various academic disciplines.
  6. Math Solver helps solve linear and quadratic equations by providing the user with a detailed step-by-step solution.
  7. DuoLingos are great for learning vocabulary and grammar skills, while dictation and reading aloud exercise help students develop strong speaking skills.
  8. In addition to essential text translations, students can use Google Translate to translate dialogues in different languages in real-time.
  9. Kindle app can take digital reading to the next level. Perhaps the best feature is the ability to highlight and search for the definition of words using the built-in dictionary.
  10. CamScanner automatically enhances documents for more excellent brightness and sharpness. After recognition, the document can be saved and used later as PDF or JPEG.

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