Over the past decade, social media has become an almost unavoidable aspect of daily life. In just a few short years, these ever-evolving platforms have revolutionised almost every facet of our lives - from how we communicate to where we shop and consume our entertainment. Perhaps the greatest social shifts of recent years are those that have come through the digitisation of our social interaction.

The rapid and unprecedented changes that social media has introduced to our lives all depend on the various social media platforms that come in and out of fashion. Tracing the history of social media and its effects has become a subject of fascination for many, with entire university courses dedicating themselves to tracing the societal shifts we experience as a result of social media. Whether researching for such a social media essay or just trying to explore the impact these platforms have on daily life, it's important to stay on top of the most relevant media apps available.

Here we've put together a list of the top 10 social media apps for Android that have major effects on the way we live all aspects of our daily lives.


Since its appearance in 2004, Facebook has undoubtedly become the giant of social media platforms. While it was first used to find profiles of friends and acquaintances, its development over the years has seen its purposes expand in almost every direction imaginable. Facebook offers users the choice of relatively simple tools, such as messaging and video calling, and the ability to post statuses. However, newer features allow users to buy and sell on Facebook marketplace and even look for love through the new Facebook Dating feature!

Although Facebook has come under fire in the past years for lack of censorship over allegations of allowing harmful misinformation and fake news, the developers have been taking more and more actions to remedy these issues. The sheer breadth of services available on Facebook goes a long way in explaining its social media dominance - boasting a whopping 2.8 billion monthly active users!


Twitter is the go-to social network for quick updates in bite-size portions. Its 140 character limit per Tweet revolutionised the way information is spread and communicated in our fast-paced, modern world. This impact is something worth researching in a social media essay, as it's a stark example of the social changes that come with social media. This Twitter format has now become the platform of choice for many news outlets and journalists looking to reach big audiences with breaking stories as effectively as possible.

Twitter's bite-size design also allows users to share their most fleeting thoughts in a way that is quick and casual, meaning it's easy to stay feeling close and connected to both friends and public figures - all at a distance!


What started off as a small video-sharing platform back in 2006 has since come to completely overturn the way we interact with video content as a society. The go-to site for any video content, YouTube puts power into the hands of small creators and has allowed anybody and everybody to become a star from the comfort of their homes. Overnight, many YouTubers have gone from lives of obscurity to international renown, and all without the fancy technical equipment and industry contacts that were once needed for becoming a star. The sheer diversity of videos and content on YouTube accounts for its incredible rates of viewership - with over one billion hours of content being watched per day!


Another of the current social giants, in just a few short years, Instagram has managed to completely change the way we interact with our environment. Nowadays, anybody with a smartphone can exhibit their photography skills. Anybody with a good eye for creating content can amass as huge a following as the top celebrities, artists, and public figures in the world. The dominance of Instagram has given rise to the era of the "influencer" - those who become famous via social media and end up generating very real influence over large groups of fans around the world.

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LinkedIn proves that social media isn't all fun and games! LinkedIn is the go-to social media platform for serious workers looking to expand their professional connections. Users can create profiles designed to show off the best of their professional skills and experience and connect with current and past coworkers. LinkedIn allows employers to post vacancies and find the qualified candidates they're looking for. In the current age, LinkedIn has become a must-have for any serious professional looking to make a splash on the jobs market.


Pinterest is the digital era's answer to a mood board, allowing users to pin and save all kinds of content they like and want to revisit. A great place to store inspiration of all kinds, Pinterest has become especially popular with those looking to plan themed events such as weddings, parties, or festivals. It's a great way of putting together a cohesive theme and never losing out on a great idea!


Twitch is the number one streaming platform for gamers who share their gameplay with followers who can watch and engage in chat features as they do so. And while the platform is certainly most famous for its popularity in the world of online gaming, there's tons of diverse content to be found on Twitch. Live-streaming is becoming ever-more popular, and Twitch users can access all kinds of streams - from cooking to makeup tutorials and live sports!

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The go-to app for those looking for a partner, dating app Tinder has completely revolutionised 21st century relationships. Every year, more and more couples find their other half using online dating platforms. Tinder is known for supporting a broad diversity of dating goals, meaning users can just as easily meet their next best friend as their future partner!


Quora is a forum-based social media site that allows users to ask the citizens of the internet a question and allow the community to answer. Users collectively vote on the most valuable answer so that future curious minds can quickly find the group-approved best response. Whether you're the one doing the asking or the answering, Quora is a prime example of how social media can expand our collective knowledge.


The ultimate forum website, Reddit, is one of the most beloved of all social media platforms. Users create forums and subforums that can be dedicated to everything and anything. No matter what your interest, you can bet there's a subreddit waiting for you to explore.

These are 10 of the top social media platforms that are currently influencing our lives more than any others. Love them or hate them; there's no doubt that social media is here to stay!