We all have some photo albums that keep our dearest memories and bring the sweet days back in to your mind. Best Android apps for scanning old photos will be introduced today to digitize those photos on your phone. These apps will help you, enhance the quality of old photos on Android and you might be surprised when you see they are much better than the original ones. So if you want to have your old photos on your device, here Are the 3 apps we suggest.


PhotoScan by Google Photos

If you want to digitize old photos on Android, taking pictures from pictures is not a good way. Using a cool app that will give you an enhanced photo is a much better way and PhotoScan by Google Photos is a brilliant one. It's very easy to use. Just put the old photo somewhere and capture a picture of it with the app. An enhanced digitized photo is what you'll have a few seconds later.

Let's take a closer look at PhotoScan by Google Photos. What does it do to digitize your photos? Well, after you have taken the picture, it automatically crops the extra parts, corrects perspective, enhances the quality, rotates your picture smartly and gives you a straight and rectangular photo as if it's from the natural scene.

There is also another feature that you can use in this app and it's keeping the photos safe in Google Photos. You'll back up your scans and have a s afe, organized and searchable gallery of those photos and whenever you feel like sharing them with others, you can simply send them the links of photos.



If you want to digitize old photos on Android, Heirloom is another wonderful app for this purpose. You can simply capture a picture of your old photo and it will automatically do the rest for you. It will crop the extra edges, correct perspective and smart rotate and it has also different artistic filters you can add. You can directly share the photos on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Photomyne Album Scanner

With Photomyne Album Scanner, you don't have to scan one photo at a time. Simply open your photo album and take a picture of the page with multiple pictures. After some seconds, you'll have the enhanced and automatically corrected version of your old photos on your phone.


All in all, these are the best Android apps for scanning old photos. They make it easy to scan your old photos and get a enhanced digitized photo on your Android device.

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