The ones who are interested in the world of mysterious events and creatures know Egypt is full of unearthly secrets. Ancient Egypt games for Android will be introduced today to the ones who love to get drowned in the sea of mysteries and find themselves among the imperial eccentric pyramids. There are lots of stories and myths about Egypt; some are historically true, the others equally amazing. The games we’re about to introduce are sorted into Android strategy games, adventure games, casual games, and board games for Android.


Age of Pyramids: Ancient Egypt

There are different myths about Egypt with lots of strange creatures and gods in them and Age of Pyramids: Ancient Egypt. You can create your own mythology by breeding, raising and collecting mythical creatures and competing with others in different matches, exploring the underworld and discovering the depths of Egyptian secrets.


Egyptian Senet (Ancient Egypt)

If you like to play pharaoh’s favorite game, you should try it in Egyptian Senet (Ancient Egypt). It is one of the best board games for Android and you can play Senet in it. It’s the oldest board game that was found in the tomb of pharaoh, beside the golden coffin. Backgammon has some similarities to it and it’s really enjoyable. You can whether play it alone or with your friend on a goof phone with Android 2.3 and up.


Fate of the Pharaoh

When we talk about Egypt, there’s no way we can ignore the importance of pharaohs and we’re going to participate in the story of one of them in Fate of the Pharaoh. It’s one of the great Android strategy games and you’ve got to rebuild Egypt and manage the crisis. Egypt has fallen and it is your duty to return it to its days of glory. It requires a good phone with Android 2.3 and up.


Ancient Egypt Mahjong

Mahjong is another great game that it has its own historical sides, and imagine playing it in Egypt. Ancient Egypt Mahjong is a brilliant mahjong game full of Egyptian symbols and elements. The background shows different places in Egypt and you can enjoy it on Android 4.0 and up.


Ancient Aliens: The Game

There are some tails and myths about how ancient Egypt is tangled with UFOs and aliens. No one knows whether they are true or not but we can keep on estimating how it would be possible. Ancient Aliens: The Game is about aliens who had Egypt under their control and you can find out the estimated truth in this game. It will run on Android 4.0 and up.


All in all, these are the best ancient Egypt games for Android. These games are categorized into Android strategy games, adventure games, casual games, and board games for Android.

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