There are millions of useful apps available for both Android and iOS but we also have exclusive ones. Android alternatives to iOS only apps will be introduced to you in this article, in case you'd like to use the Android apps that function like iOS ones. iOS only apps like iMovie, GarageBand, Camera+, Overcast and Vesper are really brilliant and can make Android users wish that they had the same apps too but don't worry. We're going to introduce note taking Android app, movie editing app, music making app, camera app and a podcast app for Android which can be alternatives for the iOS ones.


Walk Band (Alternative for GarageBand)

GarageBand is an iOS app for creating and mixing music and users can use this app to turn their ideas into music. Brilliant, isn't it? The good news is that Walk Band does the same thing. You can use different instruments to make parts of your music and you can mix them at the end. It contains piano, guitar, bass and drum but the keyboard includes sound plugins like cello, flute and so many more.


Video Editor (Alternative for iMovie)

Another useful app for iOS is iMovie and it's a brilliant tool for editing videos. Video Editor is its alternative. You can use this app to trim, crop and add music, filters, themes, special effects, texts and so many more. You can easily arrange the parts of your video and extract it in HD. You can use it to record videos and voices too.


Camera FV-5 (Alternative for Camera+)

 Professional photographing is what Camera+ is known for but it's not the only ap p with these features. You can use Camera FV-5 to take professional shots. You can adjust all photographic parameters and use different modes and filters to get the best result. With this app, your only limit is your imagination and creativity.


Podcast Republic (Alternative for Overcast)

Podcasts have a lot of fans all over the world and Overcast is an iOS app for finding, managing and listening to them but it's not the only app. Podcast Republic is the podcast app for Android that can do as well as Overcast. It's a great way to manage and play your podcasts. You can also make playlists, download new podcasts and so many more with this podcast app for Android.


Omni Notes (Alternative for Vesper)

Vesper is an iOS note taking app that is used for arranging texts and pictures in an easy way. Omni Notes is a note taking Android app that does the same thing. It's a simple way of remembering stuff and making a to-do-list. It has a user friendly interface and it's so easy to use. The theme is lovely and it has a sketch note mode too.


So, these were the Android alternatives to iOS only apps. We introduced iOS only apps and their Android alternatives. We had apps for creating music, editing videos, a camera app, a podcast app and a note taking Android app.

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