In this article, we will learn about stargazing Android apps to know about stars on Android. Astronomy is an interesting field of study and a lot of people would like to know about the amazing world of space and stars. If you are one of them, you will surely love these Android apps for astronomy. You can know all about stars, planets, constellations … and get the latest news and pictures … So if you're interested in these stargazing Android apps, keep on reading.



One of the best Android Apps for Astronomy is NASA App. As you know, NASA is the most popular organization in this field and its app should be precise. You can get the latest images, photos, videos, mission information, news and so many more about space. You can also watch live streaming of NASA TV and get information of what you didn't know before. All in all, it's an up-to-date and perfect app for Astronomy.


Sky Map

Another great way to know about stars on Android is Sky Map. Actually, it's not just about stars. You can find out about stars, planets, nebulae and so many things about space. It's a hand held planetarium and shows the map of the sky and you can see the things in it with their names. It seems to be a great way to search through the space.


Night Sky Tools

Night Sky Tools is another amazing app among stargazing Android apps. You can get a lot of accurate information about planets, constellations, stars … with no internet connection requirements. The only exception is images and information that are updated by refreshing the satellite. This app also allows you to use your camera and use the view behind your phone as a background to its sky map which seems to be fun. So if you want to know about stars on Android, it's a great app.


Starlight – Explore the Stars

Another great astronomy app is Starlight. If you are interested in constellations, it's a very impressive app for you. You can point your Android device to the night sky and see in real time what stars, planets and constellations are above you. It can recognize the constellations and make them come alive on your device. It's an interesting experience.


Space & Astronomy News

Our last recommendation, Space & Astronomy News, is a good way to get the latest news of Astronomy. You can get the news of space explorations, Astronomy, discoveries, operations and so many more. It keeps you up-to-date and allows you to comment and tag on the news, so you can be in touch with other space lovers.


So, these were the best apps to get the latest news and information of astronomy and enjoy the things on space, like constellation. Hope you love it.