This article is about Android apps for biology and you can watch and learn 3D anatomy on Android that is the practical part of Biology. As you know, biology is the science of living things and it's one of the major sciences and it's developing day by day. So, we decided to introduce the best Android apps for biology. They will help you learn complete biology, test your knowledge in biology, know the meaning of biological words, get the latest news of biology and have a useful 3D anatomy on Android. Let's get started.


Learn Biology on Android

Complete Biology is a great way to learn biology on Android. It covers more than 35 topics of biology and teaches in a way that everyone, from biology lovers and students to teachers, can use it. It also prepares you for the exams. It contains biology tutorials, formulas, possible exam questions and dictionary and seems to be a perfect app in this category.


Test Your Knowledge in Biology

Do you think you know much about biology? Well, let's put it in a test. Full Biology Questions is the app for this purpose. Not only it's a good way to test your knowledge in biology but also it's an awesome app for learning it. The app provides you with questions from every topic of high school biology and gives the detailed answer and solution to it and so, it's a great way of learning.


3D An atomy on Android

The practical study of every science has proven to be the best way of learning. Although a lot of people are not available to use a lab but technology has solved the problem by creating virtual labs. Organs 3D is the 3D anatomy of body that helps you learn the science of organs of body in a detailed way and it gives you a brief explanation of every organ.


Get the latest news of Biology

Biology Today is a biology magazine that you can have on Android. You can get the latest information, researches and news using this app and stay up to date. So, it is recommended for all of biology lovers.


Biology Dictionary

Every individual who wants to learn about a science needs to know the words of it. So, our last recommendation for you is Biology Dictionary. Its search engine is very fast and enjoyable to use and you can bookmark your favorite words. You can also add new words to the dictionary.


So, this is it. These were the apps to learn biology, test your knowledge in biology and get the latest news of biology. Also a 3D anatomy and biology dictionary were the useful apps provided for you.

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