Chemistry is a science that requires experiments but you can try chemistry lab on Android if you don't have access to the literal chemistry lab. Actually, there are a lot of Android Apps for chemistry which can be a great help to chemistry lovers and chemists. You can find an app that teach chemistry, chemistry dictionary, chemistry lab, chemistry data and a chemistry puzzle in this article. So, if you are interested, keep on reading to the end.


Learn Chemistry on Android

Learning chemistry with a lot of complicated formulas, laws and structures is one of the most difficult sciences to learn. So, having an app that teaches you chemistry in a simple way will be a great help. Learn chemistry on Android via Total Chemistry and see the results. It contains tutorials, formulas, laws, structures, dictionary and so many more. So, learning seems to be much easier when you use this app. Students can also use it to review the lessons and formulas before exams.


Chemical Data

There are some important chemical data that are hard to keep in mind. So, having them is necessary for chemists and they can easily have the data in an Android app. Chemistry Toolbox is the app with the data consisting periodic table, polarity, density, boiling point etc of elements, several calculation tools, pH indicators … I daresay it's an inevitable necessity for chemists.


Chemistry Lab on Android

As I mentioned before, chemistry is a science that requires practical experiments but what if you don't have access to a lab? The solution is virtual chemistry lab on Android. Chemistry Lab is a chemistry game that helps you memorize structures and reactions in a fun and simple way and shows how they work.  It seems to be a great way to memorize chemical structures and mechanisms.


Chemistry Dictionary

Knowing the expressions and the specific words of a science is one of the basic requirements to learn it. Chemistry Dictionary is a complete Android dictionary with more than 5000 words. One of its good features is bookmarking. You can bookmark the important words that you use often and there's no need to search it again. The app also allows you to add words to it.


Chemistry Game for Memorizing Periodic Elements

Memorizing the periodic table is very hard but if we use some methods, it will get easier. 2048 Chemistry is a chemistry puzzle containing periodic elements and you have to solve it considering the features of the elements. A mixture of fun and education!


So, these were the best Android apps for chemistry that helped you with learning chemistry, knowing the meaning of chemical words, chemical experimenting and having and memorizing chemical data.