Civil Engineering is a significant branch of science that plays an important role in our everyday life. When we look back at the old times, the buildings and lifestyles were so much different from now and they have developed due to study of civil engineering. So, in our modern life, the buildings are more stable against natural disasters and easier to live in. So, civil engineers should know a whole lot of things and we have decided to help them by introducing the best Android apps for civil engineering. In this article, we will have civil engineering lessons on Android, questions and dictionary, a scientific calculator for Android and a tool for designing frames.


Civil Engineering Lessons on Android

Civil Engineering is a science that requires a great deal of information of mathematical and physical facts and formulas. So keeping all of the information in mind seems to be hard. So, having the explanation and formulas of civil engineering in an app is a good way of keeping them. Total Civil Engineering is a great app with the information. You can easily learn these civil engineering lessons on Android because of its simple explanations with pictures.


Test your knowledge of Civil Engineering

If you are a civil engineering student and you are preparing for exams, you'd better be ready but how do we know if we are ready? The answer is simple: We have to test our knowledge by answering the questions. Gate Civil Question Bank is an app with a lot of questions waiting for answers. So, there will be no excuses for not being ready.


Scientific Calculator for Android

A scientific calculator is required for every single engineer. HiPER Scientific Calculator is a scientific calculator for Android that can work just like a real scientific calculator. Not only it can calculate the complicated problems of civil engineering but it also can convert units, which is another useful feature for engineers.


Civil Engineering Dictionary

Civil Engineering Dictionary is another app needed for engineers. It's a dictionary with more than 5000 thousand words and phrases for civil engineering. The descriptions are simple and easy to understand. Bookmarking the words and adding new words are the other features of this app.


Design Frames

Our last recommendation is an app for designing frames for constructions. Obviously, engineers make an imaginary design and do some calculations before deciding to build the real building. Frame Design is a great app for designing the frames and doing its calculation before building the actual building.

So, this is it: The best Android apps for civil engineering. Learning and testing the knowledge of civil engineering and designing frames are what these apps used for. We also introduced a useful scientific calculator and a dictionary for this topic. Hope you find them useful!

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