Diabetes has been one of the serious illnesses for years and it's growing day by day. We've got to fight it and Android apps for diabetics can be a great help. The ones who suffer from diabetes should make some changes in their lifestyle in order to prevent the harms of diabetes and it's possible for them to control diabetes using Android. We are going to have apps for tracking your blood sugar, bolus, food and everything connected to diabetes, calculating things like insulin bolus, getting a daily plan and a food menu for diabetics on Android.


MySugr Diabetes Logbook

Track your blood sugar, bolus, basal, shots, food, pills and so many more with MySugr Diabetes Logbook. It's a great way to control diabetes using Android and you can access to the daily, weekly and monthly analysis of your state and then, you'll know how to act. This app is optimized for type 1 and type 2 diabetes.



Diabetes:M is another handy app for keeping your daily records and then you can control diabetes using Android. It can track everything about your diabetic state and give you charts and statistics. You can also use this app to share this information with supervising physicians and get help. Another feature of this app is boluses.


BG Monitor Diabetes

Manage your diabetes with BG Monitor Diabetes. You can monitor your daily habits and calculate insulin bolus, carbohydrates and blood glucose targets. You can record everything you do and categorize them and take pictures of your meals. It will give you detailed graphs and statistics. You can also set reminders for yourself.


Life in Control Diabetes Coach

If you need a daily plan for the things that are connected to diabetes, Life in Control Diabetes Coach will help you. Once you have installed the app, you will have your personal diabetes coach and it will tell you what to do, based on your information. You will get daily tasks and health goals and your lifestyle will be managed. There are also reminders in this app.


Diabetes Menu

Do you suffer from not being able to eat what you like because of diabetes? Well, here is a plan. Install Diabetes Menu and you can get more enjoyable food menu for diabetics on Android. It can plan your meals and suggest you the delicious food that is not harmful to you. You can also use it to track your health state.


So, these were the best Android apps for diabetics. We had apps for tracking the health state and your daily activities that are connected with diabetes, calculating bolus and other factors, a diabetes coach and food menu for diabetics on Android.

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