The ones who love creating art will surely love to do it frequently and we are going to introduce the best Android apps for drawing, in case the art lovers would like to use their Android device in the places that drawing on paper is not possible. Actually, it's not the only case. Drawing on an Android device can be different than drawing on paper and the styles may differ. So, we are going to introduce the best Android apps for drawing with different styles. We will also have an app to learn drawing on Android and an app to draw cartoons on Android.


Learn Drawing on Android

First of all, before drawing, we'd better learn drawing on Android and How to Draw – Easy Lessons is the perfect app to do it. Just like learning with teachers, the app teaches you to draw some shapes and objects first and then, turn them into a beautiful painting. The app teaches various styles and it contains a lot of pictures to draw. Don't worry if you don't know how to draw and just start learning with this app and you'll see the consequence.



SketchBook is a perfect app for drawing. Draw anything you like and paint it with the tools in the app. There is a whole lot of drawing and painting tools included in this app and you can enjoy drawing on your Android device. Everyone, from beginners to professionals, can use this app. It also contains a gallery that is easily organized.


Silk Paints Drawing

Silk Paints Drawing brings a special style of drawing. Imagine that you have a magic brush and even drawing some simple lines makes a very beautiful painting. Well, it literally happens in this app. It contains various types of brushes and you can draw you fantasies with this app. You will find it fascinating.


Magic Fluids

If you have seen the beauty of small drops of paint in the water, you will surely find Magic Fluids interesting. You just need to touch some place in the screen to drop some of these magic fluids into the water of the screen and you will have a beautiful motion of smoke and water.


Draw Cartoons on Android

Most of people would like to create cartoons but it's not as easy as it seems but here is the point; using Draw Cartoons is a piece of cake. You just need to draw what you want and turn it into a cartoon. You don't need to draw every frame to make a cartoon it this app. Drawing key frames will do. You can add voices and movies to your cartoon too. It's a perfect way to draw cartoons on Android.


After all, these were the Android apps for drawing. You can find an app for learning drawing, drawing apps with different styles and an app for drawing cartoons. Wish you a great time with painting apps.

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