PDF files are used a lot these days and many people use PDF files for reading books, education, business … Sometimes you need to use your PDF file where you don't have access to any computers or you just like to use a portable device for reading and editing PDF files. Well, Android devices are good options. To read and edit PDF on Android you need some apps and these PDF editing apps for Android will help you read and annotate your PDF files. In this article, you will know 5 best Android apps for reading and editing PDF files. So, if you are interested, keep on reading.


Adobe Acrobat Reader

One of the most popular PDF editing apps for Android is Adobe Acrobat Reader. It's a very powerful and simple app for reading, annotating, creating and exporting PDF files. It browses your storage and recognizes your PDF files and you can choose the file you want. It loads your pages very fast and you can read it easily with zooming and searching features. In annotating section, you can highlight and mark up the words, add signatures, add notes to a part of page and use drawing tools. You can also create and export PDF and organize pages after signing in. After all, it's a perfect app to read and edit PDF on Android.


Xodo Docs

Another great app among Android apps for reading and editing PDF is Xodo Docs. Read, zoom and search your PDF files easily with this app. This app avails you to highlight, mark, add text and pictures and signature and draw. You can also make new PDF f iles or extract PDF from image or documents.


Foxit PDF

Another app among PDF editing apps for Android is Foxit PDF. It's a good and powerful app. You can use it to read and zoom and search through PDF files. You can also adjust how the pages are displayed. Annotation section is pretty much like previous apps with one more feature. It has shapes for drawing too. All in all, it's a great app.


Gaaiho PDF

Gaaiho PDF is another good way to read and edit PDF on Android. Like other apps, it’s a great app for reading and annotating PDF files with the same features. The additional feature is night mode. It's a brilliant feature for reading in the darkness.


PDF Reader

Our last recommendation for you is PDF Reader. It's a really great app with common features but there is another special thing about this app. You can also use this app to scan your documents with your camera and turn it to PDF file. It's brilliant.


These apps were the best ones for reading and editing PDF files on Android. You can read and add texts, highlights, signatures … Hope you find it useful.